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Tips for a Happy Marriage: Rediscover Kindness, Romance and Passion With 21 Days of Love

If your relationship is lackluster and you need tips for a happy marriage, 21 Days of Love holds the key to motivating your partner to be more passionate, attentive and kind! This is not some year-long, 12-step program or a monotonous 250 page novel that repeats the same basic “saving a broken marriage” message. It’s a concise, 30-minute investment of time called 21 Days of Love. The principles found within this eBook originated from real-life experiences and have recharged our relationship with intimacy, passion and improved sex drive. Through it, we found the key to depth in our marriage and a greater appreciation of eachother. It has changed our lives for the better in so many ways it shocked us both. Within this eBook, we provide actionable ideas to enable you to increase romance in your marriage and improve sex drive. This common-sense approach to love is only 21 pages long, but very deep with tips for a happy marriage. The time to transform your marriage from good to great is only 21 days! Why 21? It’s the number of days necessary to form new habits…

just think, renewed passion for a lifetime!
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